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J'aimerais prendre quelques instants pour féliciter l'excellant travail que Raid Pulse fait depuis 2002. Merci Thierry et Annick de faire découvrir des endroits merveilleux au Québec comme Notre-Dame du Laus incluant le parc régional du poisson blanc.

En tant que spectatrice, coureure, bénévole et planificateur/validation de parcours depuis le tout début, je peux fierement écrire que Raid Pulse est une organisation de haut calibre.

Merci encore et à l'an prochain

Hi there!

First off let me say how much we loved the event you guys put on this past weekend!  We're hooked and will be back for sure. Give our thanks to all of the volunteers.  The vibe was great and left us sore but pumped up!

Jeremy Sauve

Hi Thierry;

Molly and I really enjoyed the day yesterday: great organization and lots of opportunity for strategy.  We had success in the orienteering through the forest, but struggled with the distances on the biking sections.  We missed the turn-off to CP-9 and had to backtrack, and we also made a turn too early on the way home.  Both mistakes were rookie mistakes and cost us about 15 minutes each. We were expecting a rainy day, thanks for fixing the weather!!

Please extend our thanks to the many volunteers who helped out with the event.  They were all very cheerful and dedicated to making it a great success.  We appreciate it.

All the best,
Randy & Molly.

Hi Thierry,

Once again, a quality event! Totally achievable by participants of any skill. Some challenging (and wet) nav problems, some killer bike pushing as well as some easy road for speed and recovery. Some beautiful paddling and beautiful hiking.

Happily the weather was perfect for the day, cool and gray with a sunny finish. Couldn't have asked for better!
Your volunteers were amazing and warm, the meals were great and the door prizes generous.

I think anybody who wants an Adventure Racing challenge can be satisfied by your events, as well planned and executed as they are. Well done, and see you in August!

Stewart Gunyon
Hudson, QC

Hi Thierry

Un gros merci for an excellent event on Saturday. We had such a great time! I haven't participated since 2011, and you've made some awesome improvements to the event. The location at the Wakefield community centre was great (the last event I was at was at another headquarters location in Wakefield). The registration process was really smooth again this year. I sincerely appreciate your staff trying to accomodate my dietary request for a gluten-free meal, not an easy feat in an event with that many people. I did eat the spagetti sauce (no noodles) and it was delicious! Please give my compliments to the cook for the spagetti sauce, yum! Having the spagetti dinner, cooked at the centre, was a great alternative to take-out food. I appreciate the extra work it would have taken of the volunteers to have such tasty food made for us.

Having the course maps available at registration definitely did take some of the chaos out of the pre-race day...but, I think I would actually prefer to go back to geting the course maps right before the race! I think it adds another challenge and layer to the strategy and team organization. I appreciate that for an organizer, it encourages participants to get registered on time, though :)

As was the case in the previous race, your volunteers were fantastic. They are so encouraging and cheerful and it really makes the race. I love that everyone gets a cheer and a high-five at the finish line, it's a really nice touch for all the competitors.

Thanks again for a great event. I look forward to the 2014 edition!


Hi Thierry,

That was a great event yesterday. The weather couldn't have been better. The caves were spectacular! Talk about an adventure race!

The CPs were a great challenge and mixed the tough (bushwhacking) with the fun, trail running on fantastic trails. As usual your volunteers ran a well-controlled event, offering up additional CPs at certain time points. I'm glad you threw in an extra half-hour, it gave us the chance to enjoy the day a bit more too. 

A great post-race meal ( as usual) and some great prizes and voila....can't wait until next May!

My friends had a ball too, you know, two of them bought new bikes specifically for this, and they had a blast.


Thanks again for another terrific race!  The course was beautiful and my team mate and I really enjoyed every minute.  The accomodations and food was great also.

Thanks again for everything,

CP Junkies.

Hi Thierry,

Wow, another great event!

Thanks for putting together a great course. I finally finished an 8 hour race, no cutoffs, no nav errors, no short courses, no mechanicals, no cramps. I could have done the advanced kayak sections but picking up that 75 lb boat after 6 hours on the trail...well...I didn't really feel that was necessary!

Your volunteers were great, it's great that you have one at every CP. The course was fun and tough, especially the first Mtn Bike section, and most of the trekking! Oh, and of course the hill after the left-hand turn.....EPIC!

My room at the chalet was comfortable and it was great having it at the end of the race as well for no extra charge! And the showers were hot...terrific! The Air au Bois was a great base camp, the breakfast and dinner were great, and the employees were hospitable.

So thanks again, I and others really appreicate your hard work!


Thierry - we just wanted to send a short email to say a very big thanks for such a great race.  It was really well organized and a ton of fun.  Thanks to you and the volunteers for putting it all together.

Cindy, Jeff, Michael and Viola (teams 232 and 233)

Hi Thierry,

Just wanted to thank you once again for a super fun race on Saturday! I need a re-do on my story (kinda shy so cut it short) -- but had wanted to thank you for finding me another bike to ride, and also for putting the final CP back for us. That and getting lost at Isle Perdu (just after Lisa and I had been chatting about how our navigation was spot-on this year!!!) all made for a most excellent adventure. I don't know why everyone else was in such a hurry :)  It was a day -- and a course-- to be enjoyed. The best yet, I think.

I was really happy to see some more technical sections on the mtb course -- though the bottleneck at the beginning was frustrating because it was completely rideable, and most people walked a lot of it.

Team Dirty Girls

Hello Thierry how are you doing? I wanted to send you an e-mail about the adventure races that you organize. First off I like the new concept of the point system for collecting CP's.The area's of the race are very nice and I also like how both race involved hiking up a mountain. I find your races are fun and challenging and the volunteers are pleasant. I also really enjoyed the surprise events swimming, zip lining, caving. Finally, I think that silver and bronze medal finishers should receive a prize. I really look forward for the 2012 season. See you next year.


Hi Thierry, Another great race! Keep 'em coming! I'm always so impressed how cheerful and efficient your volunteers are. I always feel like everything is in control during the races. The course was beautiful, I especially enjoyed the views from the ski hill and my paddle in the river.

I broke my chain at around km 15, and team 249 stopped and held the chain while I screwed it back on. I had already lost about 10 minutes fussing with it. Took him about 2 minutes, and he was super gracious about it. Seems his broke last race 10 times!

During the trekking my legs went into full cramps, so it was nice to be able to choose my targets and collect the points according to my time remaining. That's the format we used in our orienteering exercise last October during the training. I like it, keep it! 

I thanked Hammer via twitter for their electrolyte drink, it is really cool the quality of the door prizes you have. I was thinking afterwards I should have taken the certificate for the next Raid Pulse event!

So thanks again, see you in the spring, or sooner if you have another training or other event. Have a great fall!


Super raid hier encore une fois.  L'enregistrement, les CP, les cartes (là-dessus, c'était vraiment, vraiment bien: 3 cartes, imprimées sur un carton solide, c'était triplement wow!).  Le parcours en avait vraiment pour tout le monde.

Ma seule question maintenant: à quand un raid Pulse 24 heures? ;o)

Nicolas Pedneault,
Les Johnny Boys


Le raid du 19 mai dernier était tout simplement génial.  Quel beau parcours!  Plein de défis et d'embûches certes, mais tout de même, quel parcours.  Wow!

Encore une fois, tout était organisé au quart de tour.  Mention spécial au jeune bénévole à P7. Merci!

Nicolas Pedneault
Les Johnny Boys 2

Bonjour, c'était ma 4 ième participation à vos évènements et encore une fois, j'ai vraiment adoré ma journée. Ma copine et coéquipiere aussi d'ailleur.

J'habite à Québec et je tiens a vous dire  que ca vaut vraiment la peine de me taper l'aller retour  pour participé a vos raids.

Ne lâchez surtout pas car vous êtes une équipe  super sympathique , super joviale ,super professionnelle ,super fiable etc.etc. Bref, une super équipe !!!!!!! Encore une fois un gros merci!!!!!


Salut Thierry, je voulais te remercier pour le super evenement de samedi dernier. Bien organisé comme toujours, une journée mémorable pour tous, ma fille Kymie se souviendra longtemps de sa première course d'aventure.


Salut Annick et Thierry,
Tout d'abord, mes félicitations pour l'organisation.  Je n'ai jamais été déçu sur la qualité du produit, autant le parcours, les transitions, les gentils et souriants bénévoles, la bouffe (génial les fruits à l'arrivée), les prix.  Wow, après 10 ans, vous avez atteint le summum.  J'ai fait ton premier raid à Arundel en 2001 !  Même lui je l'avais trouvé très bien.
Pour le système de points, c'est très intéressant car les équipes peuvent décider de sauter des points sans être disqualifiés.  Ne pas faire les points dans l'ordre pour le trekking et le canot et la meilleure chose à faire aussi, car les équipes se suivent moins à la queue leu leu.
Et pour finir, le canot était très bien, beaux paysages et les balises étaient bien visibles de loin.
En résumé, notre région est bien chanceuse de compter sur vous deux et votre équipe pour nous faire vivre de super beaux moments en pleine nature.
Frédéric Bédard et Caroline Pelletier

Bonjour, merci pour le raid! On a bien aimé le système de pointage! Super idée!

Nicolas Pedneault et Sylvie Desrosiers
Johnny Boys family

Bonjour à tous, j'ai assisté à votre Raid du 6 août dernier en tant que supporteur pour une équipe d'amis. J'ai bien aimé l'esprit de compétition et de camaraderie qui se dégageait de cet événement. Je me propose comme bénévole pour vous assister si vous avez besoin d'aide pour vos événements de l'an prochain.




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